RZIM Ministries Livestream Event

RZIM Ministries Livestream Event

9:00-9:40am       | Welcome, Worship, “Devotional: 1 Corinthians 15”  -Jo Vitale

9:40-10:30am     | “Atheism: Whose Burden of Proof?” -Alycia Wood

10:40-11:10am   | Break

11:10-12:00pm   | “Sexuality: Is God Anti-Gay?” David Bennett, - Vince Vitale

12:00-1:00pm     | Break

1:00-1:30pm       | “Politics: Worldviews Under Pressure” -Lowe Finney

1:35-2:05pm       | “Suffering: Love as the Greatest Apologetic“ -Naomi Zacharias

2:05-2:25pm       | Break

2:25-3:15pm       | Your Questions with Ravi Zacharias

3:15-4:15pm       | “Conversation: A Neglected Discipline” -Vince Vitale

4:15-4:30pm       | Worship and Prayer Close  

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