Barton  Priebe
October 25, 2020
Barton Priebe
Lead Pastor


Romans 8:18-25

Watch Live Sunday 10:30 AM

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Thanksgiving Project | Qwanoes


Based on Romans 8:18-25, Pastor Barton talks about evil and suffering in the world, and why we should believe in a God that allows it. He shows how there is a darkness we all must face, how other world views are unequipped to deal with this darkness and finally, how Christianity brings light to this darkness with four Biblical responses. This is the sixth sermon in the "Ask Anything" series and is in direct response to questions asked by the congregation and community.

To make the most of the live stream consider the following:

1. Sacred Time | PAUSE. Though you’re not in the church building, this can still be a time to stop everything else, focus solely on God and momentarily set aside the day-to-day issues and concerns.

2. Distraction Free | Remove anything that may distract such as turning off other devices, turning off notifications, and not trying to accomplish other tasks like eating or household chores.

3. Follow Sermon Notes | You can find the sermon notes that are usually handed out Sunday morning under the Sermon Notes above. On Monday, we will also post the sermon video, manuscript, and follow-up questions. 

4. Pray | Continually.  Over the phone.  In your families.  Use FaceTime, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or other social media platforms.


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