Community Groups

A Community Group is a gathering of people who pursue spiritual growth and mission together.

They are a group that views themselves as the family of God sent to live out his mission intentionally. Not only do they meet regularly to spiritually grow together, they also assemble to be on mission in our city.

For that reason, Community Groups are not just a Bible study. They are communites of people who challenge us to orient our whole lives around Jesus -- because the Bible is not just a book we study, but a book that informs the way we live.

A Community Group includes:

TRUTH: The foundation for everything we do. As we study the Word of God, it not only gives us knowledge, but also changes our heart.

LOVE: We communicate the gospel through love by caring for and serving others in our Community Group and beyond.

MISSION: Gospel intentionality is about living a life that clearly communicates the gospel.

If you are interested in joining a Community Group, click here to find a group that works for you!

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