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The results are in! Our fall sermon series will be based on the most popular questions you submitted and voted for.

Sept 20  |  Death, Afterlife, & Heaven 

Where is heaven? Is it a physical place? How do we get there? Where does the Christian go immediately after death? What about people who have never had a chance to hear about Christ? How can heaven be this wonderful place without our unsaved family members?  When is Christ coming?

Sept 27  |  Holy Spirit

What does it mean to be baptized by the Holy Spirit? Why are certain spiritual gifts like speaking in tongues not considered relevant/active in the Baptist denomination? Why does it seem as though there isn’t very much talk of the Holy Spirit’s help/work/power?

Oct 4  | Christianity & Culture

We live in times of global issues on every front (social justice, economics, racism, environmental, personal identity, politics of every kind, etc.). Are prayer and sharing the gospel our only mandate or should we take other action such as peaceful protests, writing MLAs, and opposing anti-biblical legislation? How can we live by the word of God in this world that expects us to be “politically correct”?

Oct 11  | Failure of the Church

If Christians are empowered by the Holy Spirit and “more than conquerors”, then why is the church so defeated?

Oct 18  | Prayer

What happens when we pray?  If God knows and controls everything, what’s the point of prayer? Can we change God’s mind through prayer?

Oct 25  | Evil & Suffering

Why should I believe in a God that allows such terrible things to go on in the world?  Why do innocent and good-hearted people suffer so terribly in atrocities? Why does God create things that harm us, such as murder hornets?

Nov 1  | Homosexuality

Is it sinful to have same sex feelings?  Can I publicly identify as homosexual and be a Christian?  How should the church relate to the LGBTQ community?  How does the church justify its teaching that the LGBTQ community should not enjoy civil rights equal to the rest of society?

Nov 8  | Fighting Sin

How do we fight sin? How do we practically change impure thoughts? How do we decipher what is Satan and what is our sinful nature?

Nov 15  | Divorce and Remarriage

When would divorce be permissible? When is re-marriage acceptable?

Nov 22  |  Religion is a Crutch

“Religion is a crutch for humankind. It’s for weak people who cannot think and act for themselves.”  How would you respond to that?